Principal Investigator

Patrick D. Hsu

Patrick Hsu is an Assistant Professor and Deb Faculty Fellow at the University of California, Berkeley. His work aims to understand and manipulate the genetic circuits that control brain and immune cell function for the next generation of gene and cell therapies.

Chad Moon

Postdoctoral Fellow

Matthew Durrant, PhD

Postdoctoral Fellow

Alison Fanton

Graduate Student, Bioengineering; NSF Fellow

Michael Herschl

Graduate Student, Bioengineering

Nicholas Perry

Graduate Student, Bioengineering

Sita Chandrasekaran

Graduate Student, Bioengineering; Soros Fellow

Vincent Tran

Graduate Student, Chemistry

Eleanor Wang

Research Specialist, Goldwater Scholar

Sylvia Sarnik

Research Specialist

Cyrus Tau

Undergraduate, Bioengineering

Edward Han

Undergraduate, EECS and Bioengineering

Varun Sathyan

Undergraduate, EECS


Silvana Konermann

HHMI Hanna H. Gray Postdoctoral Fellow

Now: Assistant Professor at Stanford University, Department of Biochemistry

Peter Lotfy

Research Assistant

Now: PhD Student at Harvard Medical School

Aman Sharma

Research Assistant

Now: Research Assistant at Salk Institute

Jennifer Oki

Research Assistant

Now: Application Scientist at Synthego

Nick Brideau, Ph.D.

Staff Researcher

Now: Senior Scientist at Debut Biotech

Tom Alsaigh, M.D.

KL2 Clinical Research Scholar

Now: Resident Physician at Scripps Health

Nick Hernandez

Research Assistant

Now: Medical Student at Tufts

Kian Faizi

Undergraduate and Eureka Research Scholar

Now: Undergrad at UCSD

Yuxuan Lan

Master’s Student, Berkeley Bioengineering

Shreeya Agrawal

Research Specialist

Neal Mukherjee

Undergraduate, MCB/Chem Bio