Interested in joining us?

Fall 2021

We are recruiting at all levels (staff scientists, postdocs, graduate students, research assistants) with an emphasis on people with genomics, neuroscience, molecular biology, or immunology backgrounds. We are excited about both wet and dry lab folks.

Some problems we're currently thinking about are 1) metagenomic discovery of new genome editing tools, 2) development of integrases and epigenome editors, 3) synthetic virology applications for gene delivery, 4) high-throughput genetic perturbations, 5) transcriptome engineering with RNA targeting tools, and 6) ML-guided protein engineering and language.

We are always looking for passionate, collaborative, and energetic scientists to work with us, whether you're a postdoc, grad student, research assistant, or undergrad. If you're a molecular or computational biologist, immunologist, neuroscientist, bioengineer, or really creative scientist of any variety, let's chat!

Some of the problems we are thinking about include new methods for genetic perturbations in high-throughput, editing of the postmitotic genome, and therapeutic delivery at the neuro-immune interface. Technically, you will draw from a palette of technologies including CRISPR systems, engineered viruses, single cell genomics, MPRA, and pooled genetic screens.

If you're interested in joining or visiting the lab, please email with (1) a CV, (2) a short summary of your research background and interests, and (3) a list of 3 references (for postdoctoral candidates).

On Culture

I want to make our lab a happy place where you want to wake up to go to, and learn something every day. Everyone will work in teams (at least pairs) with the goal that 1+1 > 2. This confers emotional and intellectual support, and combats isolation. Let's have fun - we are all on this scientific journey together.